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Things That I Recently Discovered And Worth Sharing!

Almost every blogger is a active creature and they keep doing lot of experiment with their blogs. I am not exception to this. I always keep reading and learning new thing which help me to increase my knowledge. There are few things that I always wanted to be on my blog which are –

  • Something that will keep watch on the content that being copied from my articles and published elsewhere.
  • An affiliate link hider.
  • Something that will thank my commentators.

After a research I solved these problems with couple of wordpress plugins. Those plugins are really helpful to hide the affiliate URL and make them look beautiful.

Pretty Links –

Pretty links is a best wordpress plugin that I came across recently and started using it. Most of bloggers try affiliate marketing to make some money and might aware with the UGLY looking affiliate links which can be easily identified. Pretty links does wonder job hiding them and creating brand new custom URL using sites root domain. Best thing is that user have full control over new URL creation. It also keep statics of ‘HITS’ that the  created link gets. It comes in lite and pro version. Prtety links lite is free to use and do best job.

Comment Redirect –

This is another great plugin by YOAST.  Comment redirect will help you to redirect your visitors to a special page if they leave their FIRST COMMENT on your blog. I recently activated this plugin and created a special page to thanks my visitors who take some pain to leave comment on my blog. This plugin will ONLY help you to do this for first comment of any visitor.

Important thing is that you can create best landing page and ask your first commentators to subscribe to your blog or follow you on facebook. You can thank them for commenting. Just be creative here and it will leave good impression on your audience.

Tynt –

Tynt is an online service that provide you a simple code that you can add in your blog and done. Once you added the code it will track how many people exactly coping your content and pasting it somewhere else . If they do so tynt will leave a link back to your site. It will also mail you stats regularly.


These are few thing that I find worthy sharing here. I know there are lot of other things also available that helps bloggers to make their blog beautiful and reduce many tasks. I will appreciate if you guys add some more helpful plugins here in comment!

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  • hi
    I really like that Tynt thingy – can be pretty useful. do you use it?
    instead of pretty links for hiding affiliate links I think I am gonna use bit.ly or other link shortner, works better for me ;)
    best regards!

    • Sachin Bille

      Yes, I do use Tynt…..received one mail from them. bit.ly wont allow you to create a URL with your domain.

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