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Saturday Stumble Upon – Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech

As usual I am writing a Saturday stumble upon post, this week I stumbled upon a video from YouTube. It was a video of a great man from Apple “Steve Jobs”. Steve jobs was a best entrepreneur and he was a really motivating not only to employees of apple but also for many other people.

In 2005 he was given a commencement Speech at Stanford University which is still motivate many students. As a blogger there is lot of thing that we can learn from Steve Jobs. He described his story in three point-

  • Connecting the Dots
  •  Love & Loss
  • Death

It’s amazing how he summarized all his journey and message in three point.

Here is a video …..



If yo are looking to read the transcript of this speech then here it is

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  • To be honest I don’t like Steve… and I don’t like Apple as well – had the “pleasure” to see how it looks from the kitchen (I am a programmer) and I try to stay away from their products :D
    best Regards!

    • Sachin Bille

      I never used Apple product but planning to buy MAC in future. Glad to know you are a programmer; we might work together in future ;-)

      • sure, no problem!
        If I were you I would first try to use Mac for tasks you usually do – if you never did them on Mac your productivity will fall a lot. Remember my words :D

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