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A Post About BLOG POST!

I always amaze when blogger says that they write a 1000 words blog post within a hour. Since my first day as a blogger I always tried to write with speed and long articles for my blog.  It is always better to pump quality article within less time and by doing so you are saving some time for you without wasting it. When I start such post and decide to write it within a hour I definitely face some problems.

  • Blog post topics
  • Titles for post
  • Post length
  • Creative ideas to make post unique.

Getting ideas to write a quality post is really challenging some times; if you are not blogging about what you love. If you love what you blog about then sky is the limit. There is no more thinking and brainstorming. You just write it because you love it :-). So keep in mind you should love what you blog about, don’t expect people to love it when you won’t !

But what about the niche sites? Most of bloggers start some niche sites that perform well in search engine, though they love the topic or not! Best way to write for niche site is to understand the need of market and to write accordingly. You must study well before you put yourself in market. Read other blogs in same niche and write down the point that they are missing. Create your own ideas and help people.

Blog Post Titles - Writing is title for blog post is another is big hustle. Because good title is HALF DONE work. First impression is always last longer and title gives any blogger to leave the best impact. There are lot content written about how to write post titles on pro-blogger and copyblogger.

One can write keyword targeted title or it may be just a title that describe the post better.

Post length - Does post length really make any impact on bog? Yes it does. As far as you write for real people it does impact the blog. Even search engines love long and detailed post. Search engine love it because it contain more words, it will contain few images and other media. Long post help search engine spiders to understand better ‘What the post is all about’.

Short post also do wonders but as far as it is relevant and adhering to the blog topic.  I have seen many blogger who have been written short post but quality is high. For example I stumbled upon a post by Pat Flynn on smart passive income blog, the title was ‘The 100 words You Should Read Today‘ it is very short post by Pat and I never seen him writing such a short post but the impact and response that post made on bloggers are overwhelming. Till I write this post Pat got 544 comments for that article. It is best piece of valuable information.

Creating Ideas that make post unique -

It is always better to add some personal flavor to blog post but be sure to provide something unique. Add images, polls, videos, info-graphics, tables, block quotes, motivation quotes etc

Now best part - Why this post about blog post?

When I started writing this post I was not having any intention to write it. Infact I was reading other blogs and stumbled upon Typingtest.com which help people to understand their typing speed. So I decided to test my speed. I tied twice and with same ‘Paragraph’ and results are like this –

Initial Typing Test  One can easily make out that my typing speed not as much as good. It was 22 wpm means it is below average. Wikipedia says an ‘Average’ computer user have typing speed of 36 wpm. So I given it another try. Second time the paragraph that site provided to me for typing was the same as previous. This time succeeded and achieved speed of almost 33 wpm. The words, paragraph, keyboard was same for both of time but why I succeeded second time???

The answer is clear, I was well aware with the words in the given paragraph and knew exactly what I wanted to type.

That’s how I made it second time. So how this relate to blogging?

It is clear that if you are well aware about the topics you choose to blog about, the  chances are high you write fast and consistently. And will also love to write.

Here is my second test result-Typing Test

When I started this post I have no idea about what I really gonna write about and I ended up writing about a blog post :-) Even I was not started this post by writing the title first, which is my usual style of writing. I ended up giving this post a name ‘Post about a Blog post’. I wish you guys will like it. And another thin I would like to add here is that this was my attempt to write a blog post within a hour and I am glad I succeeded and completed my post within 50 minutes. Everything is possible in this world. We need to do the things first to get results.

There are many things that we can add to this blog post. Its your turn now. What do you think, if you were writing this post what should you added in this post? Let me know in comments….. ;-)

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  • if you are not writing about your favorite topic, it may become mayhem. But if you know your topic, it just pours onto the monitor. Pretty simple. sometimes it is kind of hard to find sth interesting and not too big (so you dont spend two days writing about it)
    best regards

    • Sachin Bille

      Yes ..that’s more important. Writing about the topic that we love seems easy!

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