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Penguin 2.0, Updates, Traffic And Earning !

MoneyHello Guys Sachin here…..

It’s been another month from my previous post on SRI. Though my earning is going down I am still super excited about my online business. Most of time MONEY motivate people to work hard but at a certain level it’s not only the money that motivates people. For me MONEY is great motivator but I do enjoy ‘Keyword Research & SEO’. These two things really excite me. Best ‘Keyword Research’ is a core thing of any online business. If you go wrong in that you will end up doing more hard work on SEO. Low competitive keywords make life easier.

I have been working on one such low competitive keyword in health niche since a month now and my new site is ranking at #15 in Google. ;-) But sad part is that there is no any product involved in that niche so I have to rely on Adsense for monetising it.  It may take few weeks more to get on first page of Google for this new kid. The keyword I am targeting here is have 22,500 exact monthly searches and almost no any website have keyword in domain.

Penguin 2.0Meanwhile Matt Cutt tweeted that Google is releasing one more animal from there zoo. Now they termed it as ‘Penguin 2.0’. As per the video he shared on his blog it clear that Google is still going to give importance to backlinks. As far as search engines gives importance to backlinks there will be ‘spammer seo’ who will keep building spam backlinks and rank there sites. After Panda and Penguin updates many rule of seo are changed and so after Penguin 2.0. Though the penguin 2.0 yet to come a lot speculation is been done on thousands of SEO blog. What I understood is selling & buying high PR backlinks will take a new direction. If you are one who is building ‘private high PR blog network’ please keep in mind to get each blog on different IP as well as to give different whois data to each domain in blog network. With each Google update, we are getting very narrow space to build backlinks and a day will come when Google will leave backlinks from there algorithm. Authority is becoming more important, because in real world people trust authorities so does the search engines. Only way to survive in Penguin 2.0 is to Build Authority within your niche, Build more and more natural looking backlinks ( High PR + Content Relevancy makes matter), Keep away from spamy link building ideas, use Google plus, Keep Bounce Rate Low. Together this will MIGHT help to survive in Penguin 2.0 updates. (This is my personal opinions though) (Don’t forget to read Alex Becker)

Here on SRI I am receiving traffic from long tail keywords which I never intentionally targeted ;-) One more factor is playing important role is that having ‘My face’ in search results for those keywords. Here I am talking about Google plus which slowly taking its grip over search results.

April Earning Report -

While we come back to earning for April, my earning went low and still not recovered in May.  Reason behind it is my currently money making website which was ranking good without backlinks went on second page of Google for few days. Now it’s SERP improving again and I did not added any backlinks to it!

Total Google Adsense Earning – $670

Previous Month – $900

Difference – $230

(I again failed to achieve $ 1K/month)

I do have almost 5 to 6 website that displays Adsense but out of it only 4 able to generate revenue. Together this 4 website surpassed 85 K page views in month of April leaving behind $670.

What I learned –

Success is constantly evolving thing and if we fail to learn something new then we are heading to failure because ‘Only success comes by planning, failure comes by default’.

When we target to achieve big with online marketing we have to outsource few things. May be like designing, content writing etc. I am writing content for my new website but I planned to outsource secondary content writing to someone else which I will use to build backlinks. This is only because when its come to content creation, it is always good to choose well educated person in that niche who have good idea about solutions to the problems being faced in that niche. If we able to provide value to our readers then they will definitely pay back.


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  • Today i lost my 500 visits from US. Is it affect by Penguin 2.0? Please review my website http://www.wowkart.com and suggest me if it is penalized through Penguin 2.0.

    • Sachin Bille

      Hi Arun, I am nor a SEO geek to tell you that neither I provides any SEO service here on SRI. So I can’t able to help you on that but I can’t see anything bad pattern in your backlinks either.

  • kirit patel

    Hi, Sachin
    I just found you on pat flynn’s blog smartpassiveincom.com . I am also internet markerte like you(inspired by rich dead poor dead and pat flynn). I am very happy to see that someone else also doing same like me. I just want to say you best of luck and happy earning.

    • Sachin Bille

      Thanks Kirit for you kind words. Wish you the same. :-)

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