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Niche Site Duel 2.0 Updates – The Progress, Analytics and Monetization

Feeling achieved, getting back to SRI again :-). My last post was on 01 sep and since then I stopped writing on this blog. Don’t have any valid reason to give but it was just pure laziness that stopped me from creating some content here. Many time life keep throwing different challenges to you and you have to be strong enough to deal with it. Whatever challenge it may be; you have to face it. May be it is health, financial, or family problems you have to deal with it.

Okay, lets get to the business mode. If you are reading this, you might be aware that few month back I have participated in Niche site duel from Pat and was building a niche site. It is almost 4 to 5 months my site is up and running and I have rarely documented any progress on this project.

Speaking about the niche that I have selected for this blog is ‘Kitchen Niche’. I am selected a product that is being used in kitchen  so I can able to monetize my site with amazon affiliates. During the month of July my site was having almost 6 to 7 articles and during August I have added  two more articles. The final article was published in September & currently site is having  11 articles. Most of them has been outsourced from textbroker.

With 11 posts and few hundreds of backlinks (counting both nofollow and dofollow) and most importantly after going through all the nasty updates from Google; site is currently ranking #6 for its targeted keyword and ranking 1st or 2nd for few other keyword since last couple of months and bringing approximately 40 to 60 visitors per day. Though this is not a great achievement  as far as concern to traffic; but whatever traffic that site is getting now; is HIGHLY TARGETED and bringing few sales for me ;-)

Here is screenshot of stats –



Monetization –

I have monetized this site with Amazon affiliate. (One of my goal for this year was to build an Amazon affiliate site to diversify my income streams) It’s easy to use and implement. It is interesting to experiment with site to see what works best. When it comes to Amazon contextual links work better than image links. During November I have added a CALL TO ACTION image in sidebar and seen the growth in sells :-)


Site is earned almost $170 since last four month, out of which 80% income is came from last two month.  For this month site has generated  almost $51 and still 15 days of this month has to go ;-). Inspired by this site I have started two more sites (2nd & 3rd in screenshot) to improve my referral rate and both of them are in draft (means I am not working actively on them) both of them have huge potential and will bring lots of money if ranked well in Google but I am not working enough on them. The main reason behind doing so is to let the site survive themselves for few months and once site become few month older I can go hardcore on link building.

SEO Part -

Many bloggers might be interested in the SEO part of this case study. With lots of Google updates since last few month SEO is become a difficult task. Building links  does not work any more as it was working few month back. Search engine getting really smart to understand organic backlinks. Though the LINKS are integral part of internet and backlinks are gonna stay here for long time. Without links web will be a dead place. Assume a webpage which does not link to other webpage!! You will feel like stucked in prison which does not have any door to go out.

The SEO that I have done to my NSD site is working well. If this works for my other two sites that I have mentioned above; I will share it on SRI.

Future Plans -

The future plans with NSD site is to see how it perform in next two months. Once 2014 starts I gonna add some more content to it and will go for few more secondary keywords.

Working on NSD site and understanding the complete procedure was fun and I am getting some results which keeps me going forward. If you are done reading this post so far please dont forget to leave your insight; it motivates me to pump some more content on SRI ;-)

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  • Hi Sachin,

    Glad that your NSD2.0 site is progressing well. I took part in NSD2.0 too and if you are interested, you can check my progress on my blog.


  • how is your site doing now? i just put up a amazon site myself at http://www.dietpatchesthatwork.com/blog

    Let me know what you think.


    • Sachin Bille

      Well Bob ; I can’t say it is rocking but definitely adding few bucks per month in my income. And yes main thing is that I have not worked on that site since last 7 months. Not a single article published neither any seo has been done since past 7 months. Site just completed its 1 year and brought few hundred bucks in my pocket ;-)

      Best thing about this site is that I have learn basic things that need to build an amazon affiliate site.

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