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Monthly Income Report-May 2013

MoneyWelcome to monthly income report of SRI.

So far SRI completed four monthly income report and we are back with our monthly income of May 2013.  I did not making fortune online but surely I am making enough money to live my life comfortably in India. I have started this report series just to show any new blogger that making money online is possible and with proper strategy and smart work every one can achieve success online.

Lets get to the stat -

Smart residual income has completed 900 pageviews in May with average visit duration 2.44 Min which is slightly reduced than before, because my posting frequency is reduced since last couple of months. Since there is not much new content bounce rate is also increased than previous month.

By the way whatever traffic I am getting on SRI is organic and I am not putting extra efforts to bring new traffic or building backlinks to SRI.

Important Going On -

I have participated in Pat Flyn’s Niche site duel and already completed my keyword research as well as my niche site is up and running with few post. I am still developing content for it as well as building backlinks for that niche website. Details about that niche site is beyond the scope of this post and will be covered in upcoming posts. Till then I feel good to inform that my new site is ranking on 5th page of Google :-)

I am also busy building a another niche site since May which will be monetized with adsense. This new adsense site is ranking on second page of Google.

May Earning Report -

Google Adsense Earnings- $596

Previous Month – $670

Difference-  -$74

With lots of updates in Google algo my all niche website loosing there ranking which causing drop in my earning. Only best things is that my 5 websites are able to bring minimum $20 per day in my pocket no matter whether they are ranking in Google or not. My plan is to build a site with possibly best content and to rank higher as much as I can, I am reading a lot to understand best SEO so my new adsense site does not loose ranking in future Google updates. I always talked about diversifying my income source and finding something else than adsense. It seems like I will be able to monetize my niche site with Amazon; that I am building with Niche Site Duel.

Please be tuned for future updates on Niche site dual ;-) seems like I have chosen a correct keyword that have low competition to rank for in Google.


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  • Samir

    Hey Sachin,

    This is really great to hear about your NSD project , It would be great if you can reveal the strategies on Keyword research / content marketing / link Building (If any). Please show us the insight like what Pat is doing ….

    • Sachin Bille

      Samir, welcome to SRI :-)….Surely will be writing few more post about NSD which will reveal exact methode that I used to choose a keyword for my niche site as well as other things.

  • deba

    This is really great to hear about your NSD project

  • very nice, thanks for giving a cup of motivation to be online and earn money.

  • Independent from google and still able to hit above 20 is fantastic

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