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Income Report & Status Update!

climbing-up-stairsIt is been month now and SRI lived without any post! I planned to update this blog minimum twice a week and I failed doing so for this month. Sometime things are never go the way you want but we need to keep going. Finally I made a decision to seat and pen down all thoughts in my mind to sum it up in a post and here I am today. I did my last blog post on 22 March and vanished.  Few legit reasons –

  • I visited my village and parents where I wasn’t having a net connection.
  • I pointed out two different niches and started working with it.
  • Lost ranking for another old niche site. I tried to tweak it but failed miserably.

Yes, I visited my village where I wasn’t having any internet connection and that is one reason I could not able to update SRI immediately. Once I came back to Mumbai; I found that one of my old niche site lost ranking in Google. That’s sad part for any webmaster but I always prepare myself for such instances. Building websites, getting good ranking, pulling organic traffic and Losing ranking is not new to me now.

 I tried to tweak that website little beat but I failed to bring back its ranking. Now I left working on that site. Moved on and found another niche. Actually I did keyword research long back for this niche, almost a couple year back when I wasn’t aware about deep tactics in SEO. The year back I brought domain and left as it is. Now I turned myself to that domain and build a brand new site. Good thing is that it is in HEALTH niche and as I am a doctor & can really able pull the trigger. I don’t want to link that site from SRI but will keep you all updated soon about it. I am extremely curious about its progress.

Well, looking in the stats for this month for SRI is not much happening. Though blog managed almost 250 unique visits without any post for a month. The good thing is I am enjoying traffic from long tail keywords which I never targeted :-) and another thing is that in February I have written post about residual income and started building backlinks. It was a simple attempt to see how much I can improve my ranking in Google for that specific post and I am posting all details about it on SRI. In my February income report I pointed out that I was ranking on 12th page of Google. But then for two weeks I just vanished from search results so I stopped building backlinks. But Now I am ranking on page 7 of Google for keyword ‘Residual Income’. This shows that Google still give importance to backlinks.

March Earning Report –

Google Adsense Earning – $900

Previous month – $1150

Difference – $250

(I failed to achieve 1k/month target)

This month I failed to achieve my $1k mark. Almost a year ago my planning was to achieve that much money every month from Adsense and I am started generating more than that in a month but losing ranking of few website impacted my earning. I am on hunt to diversify my online earnings rather than just depending on Adsense. May be a direct advertising (this is not diversification though!), reselling domains, writing an eBook, kindle publishing ….lot of things are going into my mind. Truly speaking I am not aware how to start about all this.

What I learn –

I read a lot. I read almost all the things that I needed to improve my business. I spend hours in front of my laptop to understand how other people are doing it in different niche &  How do they improve their earnings? There are lot of bloggers out there who are really milking it and not blogging about ‘Make Money Online’ niche.

I learn to tweak thesis theme the way I want. You can see the effect on this blog. I am happy to learn something that really works.

Another thing I learn that building backlinks haphazardly for any site not gonna work anymore. That’s why my another niche site lost ranking. I decided to keep track of all my backlinks for new niche website. I created a XL tracker and keeping track of all backlinks that come under my control. I also reduced pace of building backlinks to new blog and using variety of anchor text to avoid penguin and panda penalty. Lets see how things will work with this new site.


A lot of random thoughts are taking control of my mind so I am getting off of this post.  See ya all in comments. Let me know if you guys are making money apart from adsense and direct advertisement. Share some tips if have written an eBook or you are kindle publisher.


Have a safe weekend ahead!!


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  • tell the truth – you were just plain lazy… :D
    I’ve been back home recently and it is not that easy to write on holidays, even if there is connection and your laptop ;)
    best regards!

  • Sachin

    LOL……..yep Siegfried, you are right that sometime I do feel lazy for writing online. But not this time :-)

  • sumit

    hi sachin,
    great post… But can u tell us – how many blogs do u have? We dont want the names of those blogs..
    But since i am planning to start a blog it would help us understand how to go about it…

    We wanted to know the number of blogs..number of post on each blog and the income from each blog…
    If u dont mention the domain and website name- it is absolutely fine…

    • Sachin Bille

      Sorry Sumit for replying late. Its summer vacations now :-)

      Basically my income comes from all of my niche websites (4 niche sites). Please understand that generating income online does not depends at all on number of site you build but it totally depends upon ‘Traffic’ your site receives. Even if you build thousands of site and fails to brings TRAFFIC then you will end up making pennies :-)

      • Sumit

        Hi Sachin, thanks for a reply….

        Appreciate if you can have a post detailing –
        Website 1 – Monthly traffic – Google Adsense Revenue – Total Post till date… but some details on how much possible i will have to work to generate 1000$ per month…

        I am planning to start a website, but can possibly get only 1000 visitors per day…. now in these 1000 visitors how much adsense revenue can i get?

        • Sachin Bille

          Yeah…thats an great Idea to break down the income and traffic. Initially I had a thought of doing same but I did not gone for it only because ‘Income Report Post’ will become more numberic. But hence forth I will add that :-)

  • Rahil

    Hi Sachin, doc here as well! The health niche is very competitive, I have been doing keyword research for a long time, did not find anything to work on. Right now i am running a tech blog, its been just 3-4 weeks, but i am starting to think that i have chosen a very broad niche. Let me know if we can together work on some health related niche and maybe build a authority site. Health is something I am very passionate about and I want to work on it. I am located in delhi, working in a Govt hospital

    • Sachin Bille

      Ohh…. welll that will be cool to work together. Yep medical niche is really tough to crack because thousands of authoritative site already climbing SERP. But please note that IF YOU DO RIGHT KEYWORD RESEARCH you will never fail even in medical niche….. ;-)

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