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How to Index Brand New Site In Google Within Couple Of Hours?

I know It’s been long time since I not posted here anything! Most of you reading this might aware that I have started a Niche site as a part of Pat Flyn’s Niche Site Duel and my site is up & running with almost 10 to 12 posts. Building niche sites and is actually a easy task but finding the market and KEYWORD’s are the main important factors in this process. If you fail to find best keywords then you are planning your niche site failure from scratch. Yes quality content, SEO, Backlinks, Social media sharing do affect the success of niche sites but if you fail at KEYWORD selection 99% your site will be either failure or you will end up spending thousands of dollars on SEO and other stuff.

Lets shade some light on my NSD 2.0 progress –

Since almost a year I am building niche site and earning few bucks but I never done any project that documented every step, success, and failure of my nice sites. So I grabbed the opportunity of NSD 2.0 to open up my few cards. Almost three months back I have competed keyword research and came out with a possibly low competitive KW, you can check out that process here. Though I have not revealed my KW yet!!

Most difficult thing while building this site I have faced is my ENGAGEMENT with another niche site! Yes before NSD 2.0 started I was building one health related niche site (which now rank well in Google but does not earned a penny for me; seems like a failure to me :-( ) and was paying full attention to it, this reduced my working hours on SRI as well as on my NSD site. But I have managed to complete almost 1500 words homepage article for my NSD site and outsourced few articles.

Next step I done with my site is BACK-LINKING.

I have done this pretty slowly. Initially I have submitted my site to few DIRECTORIES, then added few HIGH PR comments, then few anchor text backlinks after which  I never worked on my NSD site since last 40 to 50 days but my site ranking on first page of Google for few low competitive keywords and got few visitors in August ;-)

I have decide to add few articles to my NSD site in coming Weeks and to give more time to build some quality backlinks which can eventually help my site to rank better.

How I Indexed My Brand New Site in Google withing couple of Hours! 

While searching for few more low competitive keywords I ended up on one KW for which I have decide I will build one more niche site to increase my Amazon sales and to increase my commission rate. I brought the domains (Yes I brought all .com, .net and .org TLDS ). Then redirected .net as well as .org to my .com domain. Immediately installed wordpress and uploaded Thesis theme, added ‘Google XML Sitemap’ plugin, tweaked my theme and published a post with almost 650 words and a Image. Overall process took my one and half hour.

I wanted to see how fast Google can Index my site so I have not left my focus instead I submitted my post to almost 10 to 12 high PR social bookmarking sites, and created one video with the help POWTOONS and exported it to youtube with my new sites link.

After a hour I have checked Google with sites URL and there it is :-) Google has indexed my site, all bookmarks, a youtube video!!!

Its amazing feeling to see how fast this is happened!!



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  • Godwin

    I am so impressed with how you have been able to build up your business online.I am ready to follow your guide and get my first niche site and move on forward.What are the tools needed to get the keywords,I have enough time to put in more hours now.I want to earn a living online now.

    Note:Bookmarked your website and would be checking back every time.

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